Mary & Rick

Overall, we had a good trip to Alaska. Our flights went well and our hotel accommodations were fine. There were 4 couples on board – 3 of the couples booked through Explor and one couple booked directly with Geoff. The Alaskan Story is a beautiful boat. Our twin bunk cabin was fine.

The area we traveled was vast. We spent lots of time onboard the Alaskan Story and we wish we could have been a bit more active and gone ashore more. We spent a lot of time glassing the water and shoreline with binoculars looking for wildlife. We had especially good sightings of whales plus saw quite a few sea lions, eagles and otters. We also saw some brown bears, one black bear on shore and a few dolphins.
The two person crew of Jake and Maria were very accommodating and we very much enjoyed interacting with them. They aimed to please.

We fished for both King Salmon and Halibut and caught some of each. We also caught crab and shrimp. Debbie prepared meals of salmon, halibut, crab and shrimp for us all to enjoy.

We took 2 great hikes during our trip and kayaked once – we had good experiences doing those things and wished we could have done more.

The food on board was excellent. Debbie is a great chef and prepared three full meals each day. We sometimes felt overfed and we hoped food wasn’t being wasted. We sometimes wished there was less food served. Soft drinks, snacks, wine and beer were always available. Again, the food was excellent – but often times there was just too much.

We have a collection of 90 photos and I know you don’t want to see them all, but I am sharing our salmon photos and one of the humpback whales bubble feeding.

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