Marty & Janie

Hi, Annie!

Happy New Year! We just arrived home today having spent last night in Houston at my brother’s. our trip was great; we had  many experiences while seeing birds, fish, and wildlife.  Though our ship cabin was small (our closets are bigger!), we survived the nearly two weeks. Our room choice was convenient to the dining room, but noisy with the engine room just below. Sleeping in our own bed tonight will be a treat! There were 38 passengers and 22 crew members on the Belize excursion.
Weather played havoc with our itinerary forcing us to snorkel different cays not on the schedule and miss the last day of water fun all together. The Captain and crew were very quick to formalize “Plan B” and kept all aboard happy! One unscheduled activity we particularly enjoyed was a trip to the zoo in Belize. Unlike any other zoo we had ever been to, the Belize zoo showcased only critters native to the country. Luz Hunter, the naturalist, contributed so much to the enjoyment of our trip as she explained and pointed out many features of her homeland.
Marty and I enjoyed the masquerade party on New Years Eve. Many of our fellow ship mates did participate wearing some pretty unique costumes. The captain was the judge. Marty and I tied for third place winning a Blount beach towel, canvas tote and two bottles of wine. First place went to a gentleman dressed as Zorro.
Each evening, an hour before dinner, we were treated to appetizers and a “drink of the day”. All meals were special, but dinner was particularly good.  Prime rib, shrimp scampi, Maine lobster, scallops, prom roast, and lamb chops were a few of the choices we had. Snacks were always available throughout the day and popcorn served when we had movies.
Marty and I, at 69 and 70, were the “youngsters” on the cruise. Several passengers had traveled with Blount before, some over 20 times!
Though the snorkeling was great, the cruise down the Rio Dolce River gorge was tops on our list. Thanks for your help in crossing Belize off my “bucket list”.  Photo was taken the evening of the party sorry it is not clear due to  darkness.
Thanks again,