B. Stoermer

The Amazon trip was a very intense experience! We were so isolated from anything in the current world that it was like stepping into an alternative life – which it was, but having no modern distractions allowed one to become immersed in the nature and cultures of the area more completely! I had forgotten about the almost constant severe heat and humidity, except for the air conditioning on the boat for part of the day and night, in that part of the world. I had, also, visited Panama and recently, Belize and Trinidad, so was prepared. But had forgotten how often one needed to change clothes because of the heat. Wear one, wash two.

The exploration excursions – 4 X day – gave us much to anticipate and discuss. The naturalists on board were excellent. If you are picky about food, you probably should not choose this trip. There was sufficient quantity, but variety was local.

The boat has accommodations for 18, but we were just right with only 9 on this trip. 18 might be a little too cozy.

I chose to visit the Amazon area under your auspices because I hoped that the travelers booking through you might have more realistic expectations, being more interested in the destinations than the beds – and it turned out to be the case on this trip. This group, made up of very independent people, worked well together. The Brazilian airports are not very accommodating to non Portuguese speaking travelers. The staff all were very pleasant, but did not understand much English and the signs were few and far between. And, of course, I was traveling alone. They do include “old people” among their Priority Boarding designations, though! Not just ticket price.

FYI – Your prepared information/voucher binder, while lovely and impressive, weighs quite a bit when trying to count ounces in the suitcase.

I journaled with my camera – have tons of pictures. Will try to send a few to you.