Visit remote territory still unknown and wild, landscape from wide spaces to gigantic glaciers, steep mountains, infinite tundra and glittering lakes – Alaska invites you to follow the steps of trappers and gold miners. During your trip, discover the unique wildlife at some of the sites that have marked the history of Alaska.

Route Map

 DATES: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017; SEPTEMBER 18, 2018
SHIP: LE  SOLEAL (2017); LE BOREAL (2018)


Expedition Highlights

  • Marvel  at spectacular Arctic scenery, the remote Bering Sea and the popular Inside Passage to Vancouver, Canada
  • Great opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights, far, far away from city lights
  • Watch for whales – humpback, grey, orca, and porpoise

Nome Gold Dredge



Day 1 — Nome, Alaska
Located along the Bering Strait at the westernmost point of Alaska, Nome offers the rustic charm of a former gold-mining town, set in the middle of magnificent wilderness. As you weave in and out of the brightly colored houses, you will discover the pioneering legacy that still marks local traditions. Fishing, reindeer herding, sled dog-racing and gold mining are still practiced here. The surrounding plains provide stunning vantage points for observing Arctic fauna.

(NOTE: Consider adding a day or two to explore Nome, or other highlights of Alaska. We will arrange it all for you.)

Little Diomede, Bering Sea – Alaska

Day 2 – Little Diomede or Savoonga, Alaska
Little Diomede, USA is just east of the International Dateline in the Bering Strait between Russia – Siberia, and Alaska. It big brother, Big Diomede, Russia, is just 2.4 miles away.

Day 3 – St.  Mathews, Pribilof Islands, Alaska
Part of the earth’s history was written between Alaska and Russia. Aboard your ship, we invite you to discover the origins of the world, a unique environment that seems to stretch out to infinity. Lost in the middle of the Bering Sea, the Pribilof archipelago is made up of four volcanic islands where nature has crafted exquisitely beautiful landscapes. Here, on the islands, you will find majestic volcanoes, lava deserts and crater lakes, offering travelers a magnificent vantage point from which to observe a fauna composed of numerous bird species and fur seals.

Pribilof Fur Seals


Day – 4 – St. George, Pribilof Islands, AlaskaLocated in the middle of the Bering Sea, Saint-George Island is the second largest island of the Pribilof archipelago. A special atmosphere emanates from this landscape of volcanic craters and tundra: wild lands surrounded by a sumptuous coastline of majestic cliffs. You may very well spot some migratory birds that come and settle here all year round, making this a perfect place for observing many different species. Fur seas, also called Pribilof seals, have made this haven of peace their home with its rich biodiversity.

Day 5 – Dutch Harbor & Unalaska Bay, Alaska
Clinging to the southwestern tip of Alaska, between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, the port of Dutch Harbor offers a delightfully different stopover at the heart of the Aleutian Islands archipelago. A single bridge connects the port to the small town of Unalaska, founded in the 18th century by pioneering Russian fur trappers. With gentle valleys nestling between volcanic peaks, Dutch Harbor reveals a primitive natural beauty waiting to be explored.

Day 6 —Cruising the Aleutian Islands
To the West of Alaska, the Aleutian islands form an elongated archipelago, marking the boundary between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, veritable natural bridge between Kamchatka and Alaska which extend in an arc over a distance of nearly 2,000 km, home to endless landscapes of tundra on a carpet of moss and lichen.

Kodiak Brown Bear at Geographic Harbor

Day 7 — Geographic Harbor Part of Katmai National Park and Monument, Geographic Harbor is home to many Brown Bear who feed on the plentiful salmon, vegetation, and  shell fish along tidal areas.

Days 8-9 – At Sea– Cross The Gulf of Alaska

Day 10 – Sitka, Alaska
Former Russian colony and capitol of Russian America, which stretched as far south as central California, Sitka is brimming with history. The historical national park of Sitka shelters totems carved out of red cedar. These totems are testimonials of the former presence of Tlingit Indians. This place is full of natural wonders too. You just have to look up to admire the mountain range
around the port. In the distance, the snow-peaked Mt. Edgecumbe volcano stands majestic.

Day 11 – At Sea

 Day 12 – Prince Rupert, Canada

Day 13 – Cruise The Inside Passage

Vancouver, Canada

Day 14 – Alert Bay & Johnstone Strait, Canada

 Day 15 – Vancouver, Canada- Disembark
Verdant and cosmopolitan, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most multi-cultural cities. Located in British Columbia on Canada’s west coast, it’s surrounded by mountains and outdoor activities are popular. In the city, you can immerse yourself in the Asian atmosphere of bustling Chinatown, shop for pashminas and silk saris at the Punjabi Market Indian district and explore the historic area of Gastown. Vancouver Art Gallery is known for works by regional artists, while the Museum of Anthropology houses important First Nations collections. Granville Island Jetty is a fascinating revitalized industrial area that hosts galleries, restaurants and a huge produce market.



Deck Plan






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Interior Design

Superior materials, discreet elegance and a tasteful décor reflect a nautical mood subtly revisited. Aboard, soothing neutral grey tones are enlivened by splashes of red, our signature theme linking tradition and innovation to create personal touches in the spirit of a “private yacht”.


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