Travel Insurance

You are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from financial losses and unease resulting from cancellation charges, losses due to trips cut short by illness or family emergencies, trip interruption and delay, lost or damaged baggage, medical expenses during your trip, evacuation if required, and even supplier default.

We offer Travel Guard trip insurance, recommending the Silver Plan, and will add the cost to your deposit. The cost is based on factors such as trip cost, including air if desired, and traveler age. A more comprehensive Gold Plan is available for additional cost.

Travel Guard Insurance

Should you wish to decline our offered policy, you must sign the waiver on the bottom of your invoice and return a copy to us by fax, e-mail or mail with your adjusted deposit reflecting the deletion of Insurance charges.

Travel Guard Insurance


Call us at 1 (855) 397-5671 to discuss the Travel Guard insurance program with Explor Cruises.

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