When you choose an international cruise or tour with Explor Cruises, we recognize the travel to get to your destination can be tiring, especially with long flights and unfamiliar surroundings. So we include, or recommend, at least one hotel night, along with transfers, so you can relax when you arrive. We have selected the very best in hotel accommodations to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. We prefer smaller, boutique style hotels that provide more personal service than the large chain hotel properties. Some operators include hotels, which are not subject to change. In addition, Dick West would love to recommend special accommodations to suit your tastes – from eco-lodges without electricity (oil lamps and candles for light) to the most elegant five star boutique hotels and spas. Expand your adventure!

We are also happy to arrange additional hotel and tour options for you. We realize some of the interesting and exotic destinations we visit are worthy of an extended stay.


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