Your 8-day cruise explores the history, legends and lore of Massachusetts. Visit mystical Salem known for its 17th century witch trials. In Plymouth, one of America’s first settlements, see The Mayflower II, a full-scale replica of the ship that in 1620 carried the Pilgrims across the Atlantic in search of religious freedom.

DURATION: 8 Days/7 Nights

EMBARK: Boston, MA 
DATES: 2018 – June 22; July 01


  • Boston, MA
  • Salem, MA
  • Newburyport, MA
  • Provincetown, MA
  • Martha’s Vineyard, MA
  • Plymouth, MA


DAY 1 – Boston, MA
You’ll board today at noon in Boston, and then spend some free time exploring this historic city. Boston is the perfect start to this 7-day cruise which highlights pivotal places and points in New England’s deep-rooted history. Each port you visit presents a part of New England’s profound legacy over time. Learn about some of the most remarkable and notable stories and artifacts in Massachusetts and U.S. history.


DAY 2 – Salem, MA
Welcome to Salem, a popular tourist destination on the north coast of Massachusetts. Most known for its witch trials in the 17th century, the area is also home to many important historical sites. The setting for Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” the town boasts the Salem Witch Museum, host of staged exhibits where visitors can follow the trails based on original documents of the witch-hunt. In the evening, discover the restaurants and cafes of this city’s lively downtown.


DAY 3 – Newburyport, MA
Dock in Newburyport this morning and spend the day exploring the numerous historic homes and local shops in this small coastal city close to the New Hampshire border. Known for its rich maritime history and robust boater community, Newburyport is also the birthplace of the US Coast Guard. A great place for activities on and by the water, the area prides itself on a diverse offering of local artisans, restaurants and shops.


DAY 4 – Provincetown, MA
Spend the first half of your day cruising to the northern tip of Cape Cod. Around noon, arrive in Provincetown, Massachusetts or “P-town,” which is known for its lively galleries, artists, and beaches. It was here in Provincetown that on November 11, 1620 the passengers aboard The Mayflower first stopped, five weeks before settling in Plymouth. A 252-foot Pilgrim Monument symbolizes their landing here where 41 Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact, while still aboard the ship in Provincetown Harbor. At night, explore P-town’s nightclubs, which include cabaret and piano bars.


DAY 5 – Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Arrive on the island of Martha’s Vineyard this morning, accessible only by boat or plane. Check out the charming gingerbread cottages, take a ride on the Flying Horses carousel or enjoy the harbor views while exploring the many boutique shops and restaurants. For many years, famous political figures including presidents and celebrities, have vacationed on “The Vineyard”. It was also here that the original Jaws movie was filmed in 1974.

DAY 6 – Plymouth, MA
Arrive in historic Plymouth this afternoon. In 1620, English settlers, known as Pilgrims, boarded their ship, Mayflower, from Plymouth England and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of religious freedom. As one the country’s first settlements, Plymouth is also known as “America’s Hometown”. Be sure to stop by the Pilgrim Hall Museum, the oldest continuously operating museum in the US.


DAY 7 – Boston, MA
Back in Boston for a full day, enjoy a historical tour of this exciting and vibrant city. Explore the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston, where every path leads to a different historically significant site location. Learn more about Boston’s role in the American Revolution, while visiting museums, significant meetinghouses, and burial grounds.


DAY 8 – Boston, MA
Disembark this morning, or perhaps extend your trip to discover more of Boston.




CATEGORYPrice Per Person
Category 1 Lower Deck & Forward Main Deck$2,495
Category 2 Forward Main Deck$3,395
Category 3 Main Deck & Forward Sun Deck$3,695
Category 4 Sun deck$3,895
Designated Single
Cat 3
Rates include Port Charges ($195)
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