Greenland is the world’s largest island. It is also the country with the lowest population density and one of the smallest capitals in the world. It is a rugged, mountainous, contrasting land with the enormous Greenland Ice Sheet at its center and an adventurous, welcoming people at its core.




Disko Bay

West Greenland – Disko Bay Сruise

Welcome to the birthplace of icebergs. Though seemingly larger than life, Disko Bay is almost not large enough to hold its many wonders.

DATES: 2018 – May 22 (9-Days); May 30 (8-Days)






Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights

Voyage to East Greenland

Arctic sights and Northern Lights – Vast, unspoiled, virtually uninhabited—East Greenland’s Scoresby Sund is an Arctic wilderness of transcendent quality

DATES: 2018 – September 13 (12 Days)


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