Explor Cruises operates small ship and adventure cruise tours to wonderful destinations on four continents. We’re committed to providing our guest with captivating life-enriching experiences. Our guest appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in the destinations they visit and enjoy a both deeply memorable and educational experience.


Experience nature close up. Stand in awe of breathtaking vistas and watch magnificent animals in their natural habitat.


Travel with the experts learn about one of the most wild and fascinating places on earth. Visit Chile and Argentina on the way.


Visit Cuba, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Western and Eastern Caribbean on romantic sailing ships, or luxury yacht.

Central America

Visit beautiful Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and the Panama Canal. Independent or escorted programs.


Visit magnificent sites, monuments and cities across the corners of Europe. Destinations include Scandinavia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Provence, Italy, Sicily, Malta, Spain, Greece and Turkey.

North America

Discover the history and enchanting waterways of Nouth America. Destinations include the Great Lakes, the Erie Canal, Hudson River, St Lawrence River, New England, Mississippi River, Atlantic Coast, and the Bahamas.

South America

Discover history and enchanting beauty across South America. Destinations include The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, the Amazon, Brazil, the Pantanal, Peru, Machu Picchu, Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.

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