Adventure, activity and holidays in the South Pacific

The waters of the Pacific, the Earth’s largest ocean, are home to many treasures. We invite you to discover legendary islands whose names alone are enough to conjure up idyllic images: Polynesia, Hawaii, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands… all magical places of incomparable beauty.

In Polynesia, Hawaii and New Caledonia, the coral atolls encircle the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Composed of deserted fine sand beaches and volcanic peaks covered in dense forest, these islands paradises invite you to discover their unique underwater treasures. You’ll also discover the friendliest people you’ll ever meet – custodians of ancestral traditions that are maintained to this day.

Farther South, standing as a faraway dreamland where Aborigines live in perfect harmony with environment, Australia will treat travelers to the unique experience of the last remaining virgin lands. This vast country is home to a concentration of sumptuous natural treasures, such as the Great Barrier Reef and hundreds of national parks. Off its East coast, New Zealand, the “land of the long white cloud” is an insular realm, an Eden composed of two islands with an infinite variety of landscapes: the volcanoes in the North contrast with the majestic glaciers in the South.

Come and join us to discover these islands steeped in timeless charm.

Best Season:Year Round
Popular Location: French Polynesia (Tahiti), Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia

South Pacific Cruises

    Society Islands and Tuamotus

    11 Days

    Dates (2018): January 17 | March 7 | June 6 | July 18 | September 10 | November 28 (2019):  March 20 | July 10 | August 14 | October 02 | November 13 DURATION: 11 DAYS/10 NIGHTS EMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti DISEMBARK:…

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      Society Islands and Tahiti Iti

      8 Days

      Dates (2018): June 30 | August 25 | October 6 | November 3 (2019): August 31 | October 19 | December 14 DURATION: 8 DAYS/7 NIGHTS EMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti DISEMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti SHIP: Paul Gauguin   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

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        Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands

        15 Days

        Dates (2018): April 14 | August 11 | October 20 (2019): January 26 | April 13 | November 23 DURATION: 15 DAYS/14 NIGHTS EMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti DISEMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti SHIP: Paul Gauguin   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  PDF

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          Cook Island and the Society Islands

          12 Days

          Dates (2018): January 6| February 24 | May 26 | July 7 | September 8 | November 17 (2019): March 09 | June 15 | August 03 | November 02 DURATION: 12 DAYS/ 11 NIGHTS EMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti DISEMBARK: Papeete, Tahiti SHIP: Paul…

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