Join Dick and Leslie West as we explore remote UK islands and sites. From historical monuments to colorful puffins, dramatic landscapes of sweeping moorland and rugged coastlines, on this voyage we will discover seldom visited areas, largely inaccessible except by ship. Starting in historic Plymouth, and ending in majestic Edinburgh.


On this special pre-cruise tour from London’s Heathrow Airport to the pier in Plymouth where we will board the Sea Spirit, we will visit enchanting places, staying in historically significant and charming country manors and even a castle! Leslie and I hope you will join us on this amazing trip of discovery to places like Blenheim Palace, pictured above, Bourton on the Waters, the Cotswolds, Sudeley Castle, Bath, and much more.

We have taken care to arrange the best possible experiences for our guests. We will visit interesting and charming villages and historical sites, while focusing on the unique and memorable. We have intentionally left out the “top” tourist attractions in an effort to provide a more personal, meaningful and stress-free experience. That said, when we visit Bath, we will do so in the morning, before the tour buses from London arrive.

Best Season:May 2019
Popular Location: Uk Islands