When you choose to visit Antarctica, Chile and Argentina have so much more to offer while you are in the neighborhood! – from a short visit to a comprehensive tour of Patagonia. When traveling to the “end of the world” we know you will want a couple of days to adjust and see some of the wonderful sights and attractions of Buenos Aires or Santiago before continuing on to Ushuaia or Punta Arenas. And you still need to get to Ushuaia or Punta Arenas, so we include your transfers, domestic air to Ushuaia/Punta Arenas, two nights in a deluxe luxury hotel, and a tour with all our Antarctica programs. Just one of the added value components when travelling with Explor Cruises.



Antarctica Adventures – Kayak, Zodiac, Mingle with penguins

Antarctic Peninsula – Classic Antarctica and Antarctic Circle Cruises

Enjoy these fabulous 14, 15 and 16-day explorations of the White Continent aboard the all-suite Sea Spirit. The 16-day itinerary crosses the Antarctic Circle. With 2 night pre-cruise package in Buenos Aires.

DATES – 2017 –  November 22; December 02; December 12; December 22 (14 Days)
2018 – Antarctic Circle (16 Days) – January 30 ; February 11


Incredible Wildlife

Ultimate Wildlife Expedition – Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica

The sweeping scope of this Southern Ocean voyage brings the full spectrum of Antarctic wildlife into view on the remote islands visited on this itinerary aboard the all-suite Sea Spirit.

DATES – 2017 – November 04-25;
2018 – January 01-23; November 05-27;
2019 – January 03-25; February 24-March 19




Elephant Island

Historic Antarctica – Montevideo, Uruguay to Ushuaia, Argentina

Sail aboard Le Lyrial to visit two emblematic regions: the Falkland Islands and the unmissable Antarctic Peninsula. With two nights in Montevideo prior to cruise – and opportunity to add stay in Buenos Aires at the conclusion.

DATE – 2017 – November 17




Whales and so much more to discover

Chile to Antarctica Peninsula – Punta Arenas, Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina

Include a visit to Santiago, Chile with this interesting twist to the classic Antarctica expedition voyage, aboard one of the most sophisticated ships sailing with a distinctive French flavor aboard Ponant’s Le Boreal. Two nights in Santiago prior to cruise, with opportunity to add a stay in beautiful Buenos Aires at the conclusion of the expedition.

DATE: 2017 – November 15



Emblematic Antarctica – Round Trip Ushuaia, Argentina

The classic Antarctica expedition voyage itinerary from Ushuaia, aboard one of the most sophisticated ships sailing with a distinctive French flavor – Ponant’s Le Lyrial (L), Le Austral (A), Le Soleal (S) or Le Boreal (B)Enjoy an included two night stay in Buenos Aires with transfers and tour prior to your expedition cruise.

Emblematic Antarctica – DATES – 2017 – November 26 to December 08 (B); December 01 to 13 (L); December 06 to 18 (B); December 07 to 19 (S); December 16 to 28 (B); December 26 to January 7 2018 (B); 2018 – January 14 to 26 (B); January 24 to February 5 (B);  February 23 to March 7 (B); November 16 to 28 (L); November 18 to 30 (S); December 02 to 14 (B); December 08 to 20 (S); December 27 to January 08 2019 (B); December 28 to January 09 2019 (A); 2019 – January 03 to 15 (S); January 07 to 19 (A); January 13 to 25 (S); January 15 to 27 (B); January 17 to 29 (A); January 23 to February 04 (S); February 05 to 17 (A); February 12 to 24 (S); February 15 to 27 (A); February 19 to March 03 (L); February 20 to March 04 (B)





Christmas and New Years in Southern Territories

Experience a magical Christmas and New Year during a 17-day expedition cruise. From Ushuaia, you will board your expedition ship for an exceptional itinerary combining the three emblematic regions of the White Continent: The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the unmissable Antarctic Peninsula.

Dates – 2017 – December 17 to January 04 2018

2018 – December 18 to January 05 2019





The Great Austral Loop

Between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, a fabulous 16-day itinerary. An exceptional expedition cruise discovering the most beautiful sites of the southern polar lands.

Dates: 2018 – Nov 18 to Dec 05 (Le Austral); Dec 03 to 20 (Le Austral); Dec 12 to 29* (Le Boreal)

*Christmas Cruise


The Great Adventure

Sail in the footsteps of the Great Explorers during a 16-day cruise between the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia.  You will start this expedition cruise with the discovery of the extraordinary landscapes of the Peninsula. Between long stretches of ice floes and sparkling tabular icebergs, you will be able to admire a captivating polar desert made of ice and water.

DATES:  2018 – Feb 26 to Mar 15 (Le Soleal);  Nov 01 to 18 (Le Lyrial – Reverse Itinerary)

2019 – Feb 25 to 14 (Le Austral) 


Beyond The Polar Circle

Cross the Antarctic Circle during an exceptional 17-day cruise. An expedition to the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, aboard Le Boréal.

Date: 2019 –  Feb 04 to 22






Sliver Cloud Expedition carries 19 Zodiacs

Buenos Aires, Falklands, Antarctica To Ushuaia

Make memories to last a lifetime. Leave bustling Buenos Aires aboard the elegant Silver Cloud Expedition and spend two relaxing days at sea prior to anchoring in unhurried Puerto Madryn. Anticipate Rockhopper Penguin and Black Browed Albatross watching on West Point Island as you prepare for transformative experience of witnessing the massive glaciers and ice floes of the Antarctic.

Date – November 13 2017



Penguins and chicks

Classic Antarctic Peninsula

With diverse seabirds attracted to the area, have your binoculars and cameras ready as you  look for seals basking on ice floes, Macaroni penguin, and the prodigious Orca whale. Begin and end your expedition at the “world’s end”, Ushuaia.

SILVER EXPLORER – DATES: 2017 – December 06
2018 – February 13; December 05

SILVER CLOUD EXPEDITION – DATES – 2017 – November 29 ; December 09; 2018 – January 07; January 17; January 27; February 06; February 16; November 20; November 30; December 10


Hey – Where is everyone?


Explorers’ Antarctica

Join the world’s most illustrious explorers as you set foot on the white continent and embark on 18-exceptional days of excitement. Revel in the photographic opportunities as you become acquainted with the beauty of the Falkland Islands.

SILVER EXPLORER – DATES: 2017 – November 18; December 16
2018 – January 03; November 17; December 15



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