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Stephen WestonStephen Weston,  Naturalist, Exploration Leader, Dive Master 

Stephen Weston was inspired from a very early age by the family legacy created by his grandfather, Julian A. Weston, who studied Costa Rica’s Cocos Island and wrote the first book about this enchanting island in 1938. Julian dedicated his life to researching the history of Cocos Island and the many men and women who visited the island – English Lords, pirates, scientists, colonizers, mercenaries, geographers,  women of fortune, oceanographers, politicians like Franklin D. Roosevelt and last but not least treasure hunters.

Jose Figueres Ferrer, President of Costa Rica found it fitting to add the name Weston to the romantic tradition of Costa Rica’s Treasure Island.  On April 24th 1958 by special presidential decree, he gave the name “Bahia Weston” to the wide bay that lies on the north coast, to honor Julian’s memory and his contribution to better understanding of this remote island, often referred to as the Galapagos of the north.

For many years Stephen followed the footsteps of his father, Christopher Weston, who visited Cocos Island for the first time 1959. As with his grandfather, they both acquired extensive knowledge on researching and documenting the historical and natural treasures of this Island. In Stephen’s studies he has become involved with numerous well-known undersea investigators and sport divers from all over the world such as Philippe Cousteau, Marty Snyderman, Stan Waterman and Peter Benchley.

Stephen is a third generation Costa Rican of English and Italian descent.  Licensed by the Tourism Board of Costa Rica as a naturalist guide in 1995, he has guided Ecotourism tours around the globe for 15 years.  He focuses on marine ecology and its biodiversity, as well as the intricate interactions among marine organisms of the Caribbean, Eastern Pacific and South Pacific Oceans, in areas such as Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cocos Island, Panama, Malpelo Island, The Galapagos Islands, The Virgin Islands, Fiji, The Salomon Islands, New Zealand, Polynesia and Micronesia.

Stephen Weston has brought international awareness towards this fragile realm of tropical paradise with his photography and documentaries featured on the BBC, and National Geographic.

As a naturalist, Stephen specializes in Tropical Ecology and Natural History interpretation.  Moreover, he enjoys leading field trips with a particular interest in bird watching, botany and seashell identification.

Over the years, Stephen has developed a profound passion for sharks.  This fascination started as a child around Cocos Island where his father taught him to scuba dive at age 13.  Stephen went on to become a dive instructor with over 5,000 dives.  Stephen is a cofounder of Costa Cetacean Marine Research Station where he pioneered research in identifying and documenting individual sharks of Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast.

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