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Island Spirit Journey in Alaska

Introducing the Alaska Yacht Tours – An exploration in Alaska

One of the truly unique features of cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage by yacht is the ship’s ability to anchor in a pristine bay and turn off all engines, including the generators. Knowing how sound travels over water, this creates an amazing experience few people ever have—the amazing sounds of silence in the wilderness. There is nothing like hearing the odd screech of the Bald Eagle, the cascading waterfall, the whoosh of a humpback whale exhaling, or even the splash of a jumping salmon.

Experience Alaska’s Inside Passage

The Alaska Story luxury yacht, and the historic Catalyst have combined the best elements of my two favorite ways to really see and experience Alaska’s Inside Passage—daylight cruising, like my former Sheltered Seas, which cruised only during the day, and guests spent the nights ashore in authentic Alaska communities like Petersburg—and overnight cruising, which enabled us to go places farther from land based accommodations, with the added convenience of only unpacking once for the entire cruise. On these special cruises you will visit areas seldom seen by others, even on other small ships. And you will have the time to stop – go kayaking, fishing, exploring – to really absorb this wonderful experience.

Experiences with meaningful opportunities

Over the course of more than 40 years in the travel, tour and cruise industry I have discovered, and continue to help develop, a small niche travel segment that appeals to intellectually curious travelers who are looking for authentic experiences with meaningful opportunities to learn about, and experience, the destinations visited. They travel to learn something about their world, to have life enriching experiences that create lasting memories. They have found that travel is far more memorable and enjoyable when there is an element of learning and insight that comes from “interpretation” that makes the experience more meaningful. I use the term “purposeful” to describe this style of travel.

Purposeful Travel

“Purposeful Travel” implies intent to engage oneself with the destination, not just “visit”. The underlying purpose of travel is to learn more about our world—and ourselves. A traveler may see many sights, but they do not become meaningful unless they are explained, or interpreted. We have found that this interpretation is the key to memorable experiences.

I look forward to sharing new Explor Cruises discoveries with you.

Come experience it for yourself!
Dick West, Founder and Experience Planner

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